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MISSION: Our Mission is to support and provide a helping hand for the welfare of the local and Global Tamil Community.

VISION: Australia Tamilargal envisions to support Tamil people during natural disasters, raise students from generational poverty to a life of dignity and achievement, alleviate farmers distress and stand with Tamil people.

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Support for Farmers Family
Supported seven families of farmers who committed suicide by providing livestock (cow / goats) to manage their day today living
Canal Restoration Project
Restored canals (வாய்க்கால் தூர் வாருதல்) at 1) Nagai District, benefitting 700 families across 4 villages (2017) for a distance of 5 KM 2) Tirvarur District, benefitting 8000 families across 6 villages (2018) for a distance of 12 KM
Academic Fee Help
Provided one year’s educational fee for 14 underprivileged children (2019)


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